Jasper's Utila Animal Shelter

While land-locked, I started to walk dogs at Jasper's Utila Animal Shelter. Just wanted to give this place a big shout out. They are relatively young, but are working really hard to help the dogs and cats on this island. Walking around, you will probably see about a dozen strays in a day. Even when owned by a family on Utila, dogs don’t tend to be treated the way you think of as a pet; they definitely are not treated like a member of the family, and a lot of the dogs are either mistreated or malnourished. Japer’s Shelter and their team offer free spading, free medicine, fostering, and still have a hard time getting the dogs on the island care. Disease is pretty common with the dogs on the island, so they take them in and give them medicine / get them any care they need. Sometimes, they will house dogs for a family while the dogs are sick and return them to the families when better.  It seems like the majority of the animals that are here are adults, so they don’t tend to get adopted easily, which is a shame, because they are really sweet pups. 

Take Abby, for example. I will try to remain partial but she is my absolute favorite walking buddy. She is so sweet and loves affection. She loves to dance, but is a bit shy around other dogs. (I absolutely love her but live with 4 pups who may not be the best fit for her). If you are interested, please contact info@jaspersutilaanimalshelter.org. I’d be happy to fly her back with me or help arrange transport.

Jasper’s Shelter really cares about these animals and wants to make sure they end up in permanent homes that will care for these creatures, but there aren’t enough people adopting and giving proper homes to these dogs on the island. I want to see if there is any way I can help them get connected with homes, families, and other foster programs in the U.S. If anyone has any suggestions, send my way. I would also love to get some donated biodegradable doggie bags to them. If you want to send them some, please talk to me or Jasper’s, and if you are interested in sending a more general donation, I know they could use all the help she can get. They just built out the surgery room in the shelter, but is a bit away from their goals for an X-ray machine. It is a very small team here; volunteers and donations are really important to them so any little bit would go a long way 

More cute pups (I will add to this as I continue to walk new friends):

Right (Cookie Dough) and Left (Sudoku / Sabaro is what I am calling her but neither are her actual name - She hasn’t seemed to mind)

Jasper's Utila Animal Shelter

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