We, as humans, have changed the landscape of this world in an, now, irreversible way, but we ourselves rely on this world to sustain us. We need our environment. We are the environment, and our oceans truly determine the wellbeing of our planet. We, as sentient creatures have developed such a deep, complex consciousness; we are of the rare species even capable of cross-species compassion. I hope to help pause some of the pressures we are putting on this earth, and flex this compassion, delving deeper into the active humanity that I as person may be capable of.

I am currently working on certifications to be part of a community of divers who use education and knowledge to help save marine life and ocean environments.

To sea what I am up to, check in here:


As a nonbinary person, I have already begun to see immense underrepresentation for queer and gender fluid people in the sea space- from gendered gear to the vastly male-dominated fields participating in this space. As I dive deeper into this space, I want to build up a truly supportive and embracing community for scientists, divers, ocean sport athletes, conservationists, artist, adventurers, and enthusiasts who are part of the LGBTQA community. A space for resources, education, opportunity, and networking. If you love the sea and want to be seen, I want to help make that happen for us.