bespoke scents made to build hypothetical worlds + enhance spaces


ForeverWare | Catharsis

How can technology aid in medical ailments? mental illness? disabilities?

The scent is based on a moment of cathartic release and the comfort of a friend. It incorporates chemicals released by the body , and plays off of the mind’s response to such smells. Incorporating commercial pheromones of friends, saline from tears, and actual collected tears.

Salt. Androstenol. Tears.


Manifest 1.0

Through our interactions and presence within technology, humanity has birthed a place that exists beyond geographical borders and physical bodies; a nonplace. Pulling from these spacial thematics, this scent captures the smell of a jet bridge (a familiar in-between space).

This scent was diffused in the space through the duration of the performance as well as offered as a take home memory in these vials.

Purified Air. Jet fuel.


ForeverWare | Cyborg Seas

Facing increasing endangered species, global warming, and the decline of the great barrier reefs, humans have developed biological machines to stabilize Earth’s fragile ecosystems; from microscopic machines to biotechnical creatures, identical in every way to their earthly inspirations but also able to self- sustain and defend themselves against disease. Decades later, these cyborg creatures fill the natural world; the line between nature and machine has disappeared.

This scent attempts to capture the beach landscapes of this world
and the cyborg-celled seaweed that comprise them

Salty Air. Seaweed. Copper Wire. Sulfur.