Melisa (M) Dougherty is a Los Angeles-bred artist and production designer. After receiving a BA in Fine Arts from the University of Southern California, M has worked professionally in film and the arts for the past three years. Influenced by ancient techniques and practices, where humans first faced the conception of machine, M moves fluidly between artistic mediums in an attempt to better study the juxtaposition of technology and humanity. These explorations manifest primarily through sensory-based environmental design, stage and set design, projection design, sculpture, graphic work, performance, olfactory art, and literary endeavors. M has had the opportunity to alter environments, exploring the human condition through spatial, temporal, and aesthetic means. Recently, this work has brought them to New York City to collaborate with multi-media collectives, The Family and Wild Dogs International. The work of M has most recently been featured at the Francois Ghebaly Gallery, Bergamot Station (as a member of the visual and virtual art collective, Virtual Light), and through the projects of HomeLA and BeingWith.